Can You Smell What The Rock is Cooking in Pokemon GO?

“You Call Yourself a Pokemaster? Sh*t you couldn’t catch an STD.” – The Rock in Pokemon GO.

Ever since Dwayne Johnson dropped “The Rock” pseudonym, became one of the highest-paid actors and one of the world’s greatest action heroes, his brand has become all about kindness, compassion and positive motivation. So what happened to the arrogant heel that electrified the world of professional wrestling with his trademark trash talk?

Well, it could be that all of his ill-mannered tendencies were banished into a Pokemon form.

YouTubers in California recently shared this video of a foul-mouthed Pokemon rejecting Pokeballs and shouting profanity at an aspiring trainer and its resemblance to The Rock is uncanny. Take a look at the video  below.

God how we wish PokeRock was a real Pokemon…

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