This Cancelled Batman Game Has a Crazy Story

Batman: Arkham Knight everything we could ever want out of a Batman game (not applicable if you tried to play it on PC). Exploring the open world Gotham City and taking out Gotham’s trash (bad guys) had never felt so rewarding, although it may have been spoiled had this cancelled Batman game seen the light of day three years before Arkham City.

Back in 2008, Pandemic Studios–whom you may remember from the games like Destroy All Humans, Mercenaries and Star Wars: Battlefront (the PS2 version)–were tasked with developing a tie-in game for Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, but it really did not go well. It went so poorly, in fact, that the cancelled Batman game was never even announced!

Lest we be doomed to repeat the mistakes of Pandemic Studios, Unseen64 has created an oral history of this cancelled Batman game’s crazy story and it provides a very interesting glimpse at developing a game gone awry. Watch it below, especially if you are an aspiring video game developer.

Even with a talented, veteran studio working on this Batman: The Dark Knight, bad management and buggy engines ensured that the game, like Batman, would never see the light of day (because Batman primarily operates at night, right?). Could anything be worse than learning that your Brisbane offices were shut down and development ceased on Christmas Day?

What a mess. Please remember that this is exactly what you do not want to do when you are developing a game.

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