Cancelled Saints Row Game Is Available to Download and Play For Free

Saints Row Undercover, the cancelled Saints Row game for PSP was exhumed from the Volition vault last week. In case you missed it, take a look at might have been below.

Now, I know you’re thinking, “I really wish I could play this cancelled Saints Row game.” Well, you can.

Even though the game was scrapped in 2010, there is a way to download the cancelled Saints Row game and play it for free thanks to the good people at Volition.

The developer gave an ISO file to Unseen64 for preservation purposes and they have set up three download mirrors. You will need an emulator or a modded PSP to play it–which is in a legal grey area so we DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT suggest that you do anything until you have verified the legality of taking such actions in your territory.

Regardless of the legal grey area, this is a really cool initiative by Volition that we hope more publishers get on board with. If a game gets cancelled before its complete and fully polished for release, should we not get the opportunity to play them just the same? We certainly think so.

What cancelled games do you wish were released for free? Let us know which cancelled games you would like to play for free on Facebook or Twitter.

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