Capcom Wants to Know If You Still Like Mega Man

Capcom Japan would like to know how much you want a new Mega Man game.Surveys found on the official website and sent out to Japanese fans ask a wide variety of questions, mostly on whether or not they would continue to support the series in the coming years.

Specifically, the Capcom survey hopes to find out whether or not fans would be interested in a classic entry in the series, like a re-release of Mega Man 11 for example. Another set of questions gauges fan interest in going back to the spin-off series like XLegendsBattle Network, and Zero.

Recent merchandise and expanded-media moves hint that the company is looking to push its iconic mascot back into the spotlight, and let’s not forget that the series has a 30th anniversary just around the corner. The survey is no doubt looking to see how much interest will remain in Mega Man after the upcoming bombardment we are about to see.

As long as the old 8-bit look doesn’t come back, the Blue Bomber will be fine.

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