Co-op Half-Life Coming This Friday

17 years ago, a modder named Sven Viking created the first ever co-op Half-Life mod. Fast forward to today, after millions of downloads and thousands of custom maps, the quintessential co-op Half-Life mod  Sven Co-op will be released as a stand-alone game on Steam this Friday. It’ll launch as a free download with several maps, including the original Half-Life campaign, reworked for the mod’s newest version.

Fans of co-op Half-Life mod have been waiting a long time for this. The stand-alone steam release was announced in summer 2013 and also marks the arrival of the 5.0 version. What does the stand-alone, latest version of co-op Half-Life have in store for you? The trailer can explain it better than I, which is why I have embedded it below so that it can do all my work for me.

17 years’ worth of custom maps in a variety of game modes to choose from all for the low, low price of FREE!

The more ambitious gamers can even make their own maps with the included tools, and will soon be able to share them on the Steam Workshop. Not to mention the new weapons, NPCs and the improved AI and new physics system. For a free download, that’s not bad. Best of all, it might serve as a much needed reminder as to why we are constantly getting our hopes up that Half-Life 3 might soon come out (although, don’t get your hopes up).

Sven Co-op will be available on Steam here, on Friday.

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