People Are Calling This Mobile Game 2016’s Flappy Bird

For the last few weeks, a new mobile game has stormed to the top of the iOS app store from seemingly out of nowhere, much in the same way Flappy Bird did nearly three years ago. The free mobile game is called Color Switch and Color Switch Fever is sweeping the nation.

Color Switch is a mobile game that tests your skill at moving a ball through colour-coded obstacles and it has received over 15 million installs and hit No. 1 in 25 countries. Not bad considering how stiff the mobile gaming competition has been since it was proclaimed a $30 billion industry.

The game is available on both iOS and Google Play and it was developed by David Reichelt and Aditya Oza and published by Fortafy Games. It apparently only took about a week to make the game with drag-and-drop development platform Buildbox, which is made even more impressive when you learn that Reichelt was able to make this mobile game bursting with dazzling colours despite being colourblind.

“People on social media are calling it the new Flappy Bird,” said Zeb Jaffer, cofounder of Fortafy Games, in an interview with GamesBeat. “My son came back and said everyone in the playground is playing your game. It’s a stroke of luck and good work. What started as a tappy game has grown into a bit of a beast.”

What makes the mobile game so addictive is that it is both simple and requires a ton of skill. Plus, it’s got a great soundtrack and vibrant graphics. Jaffer said the small team feels fortunate to climb to the top, particularly since they all have little previous background in the game business.

Nearly 400 million games have been played to date. The title has more than 100 levels, and the team is now working to come up with more of them. Some players are writing to the company, and they’re demanding new content to play. The game has no in-app purchases, but it makes money through banner ads.

“We are grateful it has done so well, and now it’s a great challenge to keep people happy,” Jaffer said.

Take a look at the mobile gaming sensation Color Switch below.

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