Counter-Strike Global Offensive’s Biggest Problem Fixed in Latest Update

As a part of a huge update released late on September 15th, 2015, Valve finally fixed Counter-Strike Global Offensive’s biggest problem: awkward, unreliable hitboxes.

Hitboxes are what they sound like: they dictate where players can be hit when you shoot them. For years, players have complained that they could unload a clip at close range and still somehow miss 99% of their shots. This led to games of Counter-Strike to comprise mostly of jumping around as it would throw off hitbox positioning so badly.

Jumping, however, will no longer be a viable strategy to surviving in Counter-Strike. Among new animations and balance tweaks, Valve has completely overhauled Counter-Strike’s wonky hitboxes. Check out a graphic demonstrating the differences by Redditor piccgamer.



Counter-Strike will no longer be ruled by jump scouters.

Valve has even put in a new command that lets you see exactly where you hit your enemy.

But the update isn’t all good news. People are into the new ladder climbing animation, but some see other animation changes as totally arbitrary or harmful to game balance.

Tweaks to the M4A1-S has sparked a heated debate. Previously, many considered It was overpowered, but a lot of players feel like Valve went too far in reducing its power.

Some players have also reported framerate drops, which is not entirely surprising given that the more complex “hitspheres” require more calculations than the previous simplistic hitboxes.

The update, of course, hasn’t even been live for a week, so we’ll see how things shake out. How do you feel about the new update? Let us know in the comments below!

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