Danny Trejo Is Even Cooler in Fallout 4

Danny Trejo, the supermacho character actor whom you may remember from MacheteDesperado and 307 other films, sat down to play Fallout 4 today. Not only did Danny Trejo successfully create his spitting image in the post-apocalyptic RPG, he made himself even cooler in the process.

Now I know Danny Trejo is already as cool as they come, but see the splendour below of Danny Trejo’s Fallout 4 character.

Judging from the dialogue, Danny Trejo has just finished the first big battle at the Museum of Freedom, which means the wasteland is now wide open to him. What’s even cooler than his insane steampunk outfit is that Trejo clearly took the time to customize his Pip-Boy text colour! Obviously, Danny Trejo chose purple, a regal colour, because he is the king.

Trejo voiced Raul Tejeda in Fallout: New Vegas, the ghoul mechanic who could be a player companion. He also appeared as himself (in a Machete homage) in a map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops and had parts in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. So not only has Danny Trejo perfected creating his perfect-self in video games, he’s most-likely played alongside himself as himself. How could something that confusing not be cool?

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