Dark Souls 3 Speedrunner Finished the Game in 102 Minutes

Dark Souls won’t be released in the west for another 11 days, but after only a week of being available in Japan a speedrunner has completed From Software’s latest nightmare in one hour, 42 minutes and 10 seconds.

Just to be clear, Dark Souls 3 is much longer than 2 hours. You’ll be lucky if you can beat it in under 40 hours (that includes pausing for bathroom breaks).

As far as speedrunning goes, Dark Souls 1 and 2 were both completed in under an hour. According to Speedruns.com, the first game‘s been bested in 46 minutes, 25 seconds; Dark Souls 2 rings in at 54 minutes and five seconds; and Bloodborne can be completed in 35 minutes and 41 seconds. And that’s playing current builds without glitches that allow you to skip large chunks of the game. Otherwise most of these records are roughly halved. As for Dark Souls 3 speedrunner Jung Ho Min, it’s clear the pioneering player has already had a lot of practice.

You can watch the speedrun below, but there will obviously be MAJOR SPOILERS, so I wouldn’t recommend it for those who aren’t already playing the imported version. But hey, maybe you like spoilers. To each their own.

Dark Souls 3 will launch internationally on 12th April for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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