Delay Your Game at Your Own Risk…Of Death…

The massive space exploration game No Man’s Sky has been one of the most intriguing titles in production. Through previews and promos, the game has already amassed a huge army of supporters. However, these supporters are actually quite fickle.

When the game was confirmed to have another delay, this time pushing back the release date to August 9, 2016, the fans showed their dissatisfaction in the worst possible way: by issuing death threats to founder of Hello Games and developer of No Man’s Sky Sean Murray.

Murray shared his experience on Twitter, but did so with a dry sense of humor.

Murray’s chipper response is certainly commendable, but it’s perhaps a worrying indictment of certain aspects of the gaming community that this horrific response to such a minor delay can be so easily ignored.

The fact that Murray received death threats over this most recent delay is very unusual because the game has only been delayed for a couple of months. This type of thing is commonplace when developing games, particularly as the scope of games becomes increasingly grand. The Witcher 3 for instance experienced a three-month delay near the end of its development and the end result was that CD Projekt Red gave itself more time to improve upon the game’s open world and become one of the most beloved RPGs in recent memory.

See, the thing is… Sean Murray isn’t out to get you by delaying the game. He’s trying to ensure that his passion project lives up to the incredibly high expectations of fans. And if, for some reason, the game falls short of those expectations, best believe that the death threats will be pouring in.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

The lesson here is: if you want to develop video games, you better have a death wish to go along with that desire because death threats are what you’re going to get…

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