Destiny 2 Could Be Coming Next Year

The official, numbered sequel to action RPG-FPS Destiny will be helped along by Activision’s High Moon Studios and it might be released as early as next year according to a report from Kotaku.

Kotaku’s Jason Schreier spoke with a number of current and former Bungie employees to confirm the rumours of a massive overhaul a year before the game was released in “The Messy, True Story Behind The Making of Destiny and towards the end of the piece, one anonymous source lets it slip that a cut chunk of the game that takes place on Mars was “passed to Activision subsidiary High Moon Studios to develop for Destiny‘s full-sized 2016 sequel.” Interesting. Especially since Destiny‘s expansion, Destiny: The Taken King, was released just over a month ago.

On High Moon Studios’ website, it mentions that it is working alongside Bungie to help support the Destiny universe, and in late May a job listing appeared pointing to High Moon Studios working with Bungie on Destiny. However, until the Kotaku report, there was no evidence that it was helping develop a sequel to the game.

In the report, a Destiny expansion code-named “Comet” was first started in 2013. Originally Comet was supposed to include a new planet, Europa, a new public space on Mars, and an area on Earth called the European Dead Zone. The expansion, which would have been priced at $60 USD if it was ever completed and released, proved too ambitious and was retooled in March 2014. Comet was honed, refined and eventually released as The Taken King expansion.

Kotaku’s anonymous source said the entirety of the Martian public space was sent to High Moon Studios to be developed for Destiny 2.

Unfortunately, that’s all we know about a Destiny sequel at this time. Let’s all hope that Bungie and High Moon can avoid a massive, last-minute overhaul like the original suffered. And let’s also hope that Destiny 2 brings a lot more Backstreet Boys machinima.

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