Destiny 2 Delayed

Forget what you heard about Destiny 2 getting a September 2016 release.

Destiny 2 will not launch as expected in September 2016 according to a new report.

The first-person shooter sequel has yet to be officially announced but it is widely known to be in production thanks to Bungie’s 10-year development roadmap that planned to alternate bi-annual game releases with The Taken King-style expansions. Kotaku has now reported that Bungie will not be following the development roadmap precisely.

The report, based on sources close to the studio, does not include a new launch date for the game, which will no doubt upset Destiny players that have mastered the game and are starved for new content.

An earlier report suggested Bungie had scrapped this year’s Destiny DLC plan to free up the developer to work on Destiny 2. Smaller events are being held instead and the game is currently being held together by a small live team.

In spite of the live team’s best efforts, cracks are beginning to show. Events have been buggy over the past few weeks and the announcement yesterday of a week-long Valentine’s Day event did not help calm the nerves of fans worried the meaningful content drought will continue.

Bungie has been very vague about a larger update to the game post-February 2016. No clear plan for how it will keep Destiny updated through the rest of the year until Destiny 2 has been laid out, whenever Destiny 2 is supposed to arrive now.

Kotaku’s report also pointed to a lack of communication within Bungie as well, with some staff unaware Destiny 2’s release date had been pushed back by studio management. For a community already clamouring about the future of a franchise they have sunk hundreds of hours into, this latest news will be a huge blow.

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