Destiny 2: What We Learned From the Reveal

It’s going to be big.

The initial trailer didn’t reveal all too much about Destiny 2, other than to expect something big. It was down to the reveal yesterday to give us a more in-depth glimpse into Bungie’s universe, and a gameplay trailer did exactly that. It featured the first level of the game, Homecoming, in which a horde of Cabal attack the Last City. The initial cut-scene is then followed by a few minutes of chaotic gameplay. You can watch the whole thing below.

So what’s different this time around? Will it just be essentially a £50 ($60) expansion, or a whole new experience entirely? Piecing together what we can see in the trailer with what the devs have said, here’s what we know so far about Destiny 2.


It will be available for PC owners

Destiny 2 will launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as assumed, but the series will also have its first outing on PC. It won’t be available on Steam, however, but will instead be exclusive to, Blizzard’s own platform

Your Destiny character is transferable, but…

We found out from Bungie earlier this month that you’ll be able to transfer your original Destiny character to the new game, but there are certain things you can’t bring with you: gear, weapons, and currency will have to stay put. This is presumably because the developer wants a fresh start with most items in the game, and will also let all players begin the game on a fresh, even slate. It isn’t yet clear whether or not you can transfer an older console character to PC.

Bungie has said that it will aware veteran players of the original, which will more likely than not come in the form of cosmetic items.

We’ll have more story

When the original Destiny released, it was criticised for its campaign, or lack there-of. Peter Dinklage was soon infamously replaced by Nolan North as lead voice actor, which pretty much summarised how shallow and disjointed the whole experience was.

With the second instalment, Bungie promises a bigger and more connected story, centred around the three main characters – Zavala, Cayde, and Ikora – and their battle against enemy Lord Ghoul, who again wants to get his hands on the Traveller. We can expect more cinematic sequences, like in Homecoming, to bring the narrative together. It sounds as if Bungie has learnt from the mistakes of Destiny’s initial release, understood what made The Taken King and Rise of Iron better, and combined the two to release a brand new campaign.

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