DIY Robot Will Destroy You at This iPad Game

Piano Tiles 2 is an iPad game that is equal parts fun and maddeningly frustrating. A normal person can probably withstand about a week’s worth of gameplay before getting too fed up and uninstalling the game. YouTuber DenverFinn, however, has found an alternative to giving up on the iPad game.

For him, the obvious solution to mastering Piano Tiles 2 was to build a robot that slips over an iPad and acts like human hands, only better in every way imaginable. An iPhone overhead films the game at 120 frames-per-second and sends visual input to a controller that knows to seek out only black keys and avoid the white spaces. When a black key aligns with one of the tiny mallets, the controller fires a tiny motor to make the appropriate finger tap the screen.

This iPad game-playing, DIY robot may not be playing a piano concerto at Carnegie Hall any time soon, but it did manage to hit a record of 21.079 keys per second. That is insanely fast. Near the end, it’s impossible to follow the game with your eyes.

Watch the DIY robot destroy this iPad game and begin preparing for the apocalypse because the uprising of the machines is imminent.

How many keys can you hit per second? My guess is it’s a lot less than our new machine overlord…

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