Doing This Will Get You Permanently Banned From Pokemon Go

Niantic has finally started cracking down on players bending the rules of their massively popular augmented reality game, resulting in many people around the world getting permanently banned from Pokemon Go.

Any players that are caught cheating, either via third party systems like Pokevision or using bots to play the game for them will be permanently banned from Pokemon Go.

The reason Niantic’s switched from soft bans to permanent bans is due to the outcry from the Pokemon Go community that cheaters are ruining the game for everyone. The Pokemon Go Reddit page has a number of threads filled with people sharing their grievances with people who don’t play the game properly.

One thread in particular has over 500 comments discussing the damage bots are having on the game’s experience. Right at the top, Redditor bbqk says, “If bans don’t roll out before trading comes. There’s really no point for me to play anymore.” Another Redditor, farrellykw, linked an Imgur photo of a guy who he claims reached level 35 in a week using bots and spoofs, and has an entire team of ridiculously strong Dragonites at his disposal.

guy on my facebook reach lvl 35 in less than 1 week with bots + gps spoof. he teach the others how to use the program and also dominates many gym in my city with his squad of botters. Will niantic do something about this?

It’s easy to empathize with the people that have put in the time and effort to make progress in the game only to be overtaken by a bunch of bots, but unfortunately Pokemon Go players aren’t just cheating to give themselves an upper hand.

For people living in rural areas or areas with minimal Pokemon activity, cheating is one of the few ways to make the game playable. With all the hullaballoo that’s been occurring recently with the nearby function and the Pokemon appearance rate being lowered, a number of people probably took to cheating in order to keep the game fun for them. Pokemon Go’s fun relies on being near a lot of Pokestops and gyms to make progress and have something to aim for. Without that, there’s not much point in playing the game.

Niantic’s website now has options to report players suspected of cheating, allowing players to aid in clearing up the game from this type of activity.

Any players wrongfully banned from Pokemon Go can appeal to Niantic directly in an attempt to become unbanned.

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