Doom’s BFG 9000 Comes to Life with 20 Pounds of Lego

The cheekily-named ZaziNombies YouTube channel is famous for creating LEGO versions of video game weapons, among other things. Amazingly, they have gone five years without building one of the most famous video game weapons of all time: Doom’s BFG 9000. However, over the weekend, they managed to wrangle up enough Lego blocks–5,000+ bricks to be specific–to finally bring the super-powered gun to life.

With the multiplayer beta for the latest Doom in full swing, ZaziNombies finally tackled the beast. While many of the weapons they’ve recreated have had highly detailed 3D models to work from, the BFG 9000 is made of sprites. Approximation was the order of however many days it took to assemble this, and it worked out nicely.

It’s not the most practical weapon, but then it was never designed to be something you carried around for very long.

Check out the Big Freaking LEGO gun (BFLG) in action below.

How cool is this real life BFG 9000 made of Lego?

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