DOOM’s Box Art Is Woefully Bland

Conan O’Brien’s special Super Bowl edition of Clueless Gamer that was released earlier today got us excited for Bethesda’s DOOM revival, but that excitement’s nearly been undone by the blandness of its box art.

DOOM’s box art was released yesterday alongside the announcement that DOOM will be released on May 13th, 2016 to a swell of mediocrity.

From the boring old space marine to the fermented pee-coloured background, everything about the new DOOM’s cover screams, “Nothing to see! Just another boring old shoot ’em up!”

Have a look see at the cover art below.

doom cover art

YAWN! My eyelids are getting heavy just looking at this thing!

To drive the point home that this is one of the most lacklustre box arts in recent memory, Photoshop experts from around the Internet like NeoGAF poster shagg_187, a cover like this would fit perfectly with just about any other game.

Why who is to say that this new DOOM game isn’t Halo 5?

Or a beloved first-person shooter from 2008?

Or that Call of Duty: Black Ops III didn’t dive first into sci-fi horror warfare?

Or that it’s a Battlefield game?

Or that this space marine is Marcus Fenix sporting a new look for 2016?

Or that Bomberman didn’t get a hardcore makeover?

Of course, the DOOM franchise has never been a source of style or substance, unless you consider gore to be both style and substance. I don’t, personally. But maybe you do. Still, to compete with other AAA shooters, you’d think Bethesda would have done something special with the box art. Guess not…

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