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Download PS4 Update 4.55 Now

Here’s what it does

Sony have released PlayStation 4 update 4.55 after 4.50 caused months of Wi-Fi issues for many users.

4.55 “improves the quality of the system performance” says the official Sony statement on the update. Many PlayStation 4 owners noticed rubber banding issues after 4.50, and in some cases were forced to purchase brand new Wi-Fi routers as a cause. A brief period of maintenance didn’t seem to cure the problem.

This isn’t a major update compared to company’s previous one, which introduced external hard drive compatibility, custom-made wallpapers, and ‘boost mode’ (the ability to upscale normal PS4 games for the PS4 pro). It seems as though it’s purely there to improve the stability of the systems which were affected by 4.50.

Did you have problems with PlayStation 4 Update 4.50, and has 4.55 improved your system? Let us know in the comments section below.

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