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E3: Rumoured Games for Next Month

Some we can expect, others we’re hopeful for.

Several games have been confirmed to appear at E3 2017, but most of them we expected anyway. There are still a few which we can assume will be shown, but others we aren’t so certain about. Surely Middle Earth: Shadow of War will be there? Will we see more of God of War? And just imagine if Bethesda announced a couple of new games. Whether it be a near-dead on certainty, or one we’re just sitting with our fingers crossed for, hoping for it to make an appearance, here are the games that are rumoured to be at E3 next month.

Assassins Creed Origins

Assassin's Creed Origins Leaked Screenshot
The leaked image of Assassin’s Creed: Origins,

It’s rare for a game not to be leaked before its official announcement these days, whether it be accidental or a marketing ploy on the developer’s part (the latter probably happens a lot more than we think). Being one of the biggest video game franchises around, Assassin’s Creed has been subject to rumours since its hiatus two years ago, and the most recent leaks have been all but confirmed by Ubisoft. Will ‘Origins’ be shown next month? It’s likely.

Borderlands 3

A tech demo of Borderlands 3 was shown earlier this year, but apart from telling us that the game is officially in development, we didn’t learn too much. Since then it’s been confirmed that the game won’t be developed for the Nintendo Switch, but no other details have been spilt. Could Gearbox be waiting for E3 to showcase the latest instalment in its biggest franchise? Our money’s on yes.

Days Gone

There are as many zombie games out there as there would be actual zombies in an undead outbreak. Our obsession with them has led mainly to a flurry of disappointing games, but also some exceptional ones, with The Last of Us standing head and shoulders above most. Days Gone is another PlayStation exclusive which shows a lot of promise, by opting for the third-person stealth gameplay that Naughty Dog perfected over the first-person parkour of Dead Island and Dying Light.

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