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EA Working on New Battlefield Game for Next Year

Company hasn’t revealed many much-anticipated details about the game yet.

If you thought Battlefield 1 was the final instalment in the series, think again. In a fiscal call discussing the planned releases leading up to 2019, EA revealed that a new Battlefield game is in the works. The company also announced upcoming live services for Battlefront II along with the release of upcoming games.

Read it for yourselves from this transcript of the call: “The core of our fiscal 2019 is a full slate of sports titles and their associated live services, plus new live services from Star Wars Battlefront II.”

They also mention: “We will add the next Battlefield game, and move into the action genre with Anthem.”

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Though EA didn’t give any more details about either the story or setting of the upcoming Battlefield game, we do know about the time when the game will be released. April 2018 to March 2019 would be considered the fiscal year, and most Battlefield games in the past have released around the same months. We can most likely expect the game to release around this time next year.

Speculating on what the setting of the new Battlefield game, we can assume EA wants to continue the trend of bringing old-school warfare back to gamers. Battlefield 1 threw players into the gritty battles of World War I, considered the “War to End All Wars.” Players have the chance to use early 20th century weaponry and technology in all-out war. Maybe we can expect another Battlefield game following this same model?

Are you excited for a new Battlefield game? What setting do you think the new game will take place in? Let us know in the comments below!

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