Early Access To Political Machine 2016 Makes Coping With Election Angst Easy

Let the mud slinging begin!

If you ever find yourself feeling like all is lost because every candidate running for President in the 2016 election is either bat-shit crazy or exudes duplicity from every fibre of their being, then we know what might help: The Political Machine 2016.

Now on Early Access, Political Machine 2016 lets players guide bobble-headed candidates around the US, take stances on big issues, launch smears and wobble their big plastic heads uncontrollably on live television debates. There are pre-made candidates, including Donald Trump, but you can make your own custom candidate if you prefer.

The developers are aiming for a full release early next year, and will use the next few months to add multiplayer, build leaderboards and “incorporate the ongoing zaniness of the primary season into the game through new issues and events.” The Early Access edition costs $9.99, which is a good deal for the unlimited amount of catharsis the game provides its players.

I don’t know if the game as fun for people who aren’t aghast by the posturing/pissing match the American people have called an election thus far. But as the race drags on, Political Machine 2016’s silly, satirical sense of humor will be our outlet for political frustration in the future as rating and raving on a soapbox has proven to be a lot more obnoxious of us than anticipated. If you are also frustrated by campaign season, we can’t recommend this game enough.

Watch the trailer for Political Machine 2016 below.

You can buy it on Steam, or directly from Stardock.

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