Elysian War: A Brand New Free-to-Play Game

Pick your side.

Elysian War (play now) is a new game from AMZGame, developer of the critically acclaimed League of Angels, Siegelord, and Lords Road. Like the developer’s previous titles, Elysian War is a free-to-play browser game that offers micro-transactions and in-depth gameplay. It’s a real time strategy game that revolves around different combat-types, buildings, and a unique battle system, all of which can be tactically used to defeat your opponent. It’s not always all-out war in Elysian War, though, as players also have the opportunity to team up their forces with those of family and friends, becoming a powerful force against your enemies. Here are just some of the many features of Elysian War’s gameplay.

Pick your team of generals

Elysian War
Elysian War

Players have a vast array of generals at their disposal to create a powerful team with.

  • Swords have a high attack and defence, and are best used for close combat. They can fight more than one opponent at the same time.
  • Archers have medium attack and defence, but their ranged abilities make them perfect for sniping.
  • Priests have a low attack and defence, but can also be used as range generals.
  • Cavalry generals have medium attack and high defence, and can attack multiple opponents in close combat.
  • Spearmen have medium defence but high attack, and can also attack multiple opponents in close combat.

Importantly, Swordsman beat Spearman, Spearman beat Cavalry, Cavalry beat Swordsman, Archer and Priest beat each other. Generals can also be combined with deputies to create a more powerful force.

Build your city up from the ground

Elysian War
Elysian War

There’s a huge amount of variation in how players can create their city, with the following building types at their disposal.

  • The Base is the primary building, and generates in-game currency, Drachma, which can then be spent on more buildings. When upgraded, the base will also allow you to develop different buildings.
  • Barracks generates more troops for you to battle with, and the higher its level, the more troops it creates.
  • The Dwelling is where the troops are housed. The more the dwelling is upgrades, the higher the troop cap, meaning you can field more troops into battle.
  • Garden and Mines increase the player’s Drachma income, which can then be further spent on more buildings and key items.
  • The Cellar generates Ambrosia, a key item in levelling up the player’s generals.
  • The Garrison increases the amount of area a player can own, creating more space for other buildings and, ultimately, an increase in Drachma revenue.

A unique Battleground and Battle System

Elysian War Screenshot
Elysian War Screenshot

Elysian War is divided into the following ground-types:

  • Lawn
  • Moorland
  • Forest
  • Hill
  • Mountain
  • River

This not only creates great variety in the game, but it also gives players the opportunity to take advantage of each area in different ways. For example, it’s impossible for forces to traverse through mountains and rivers, and fire cannot be used as a weapon in forests, moorlands, and hills. Players therefore have to tactically place troops and use specific moves depending on the environment.

The Key Features of Elysian War

  • Player controlled manual or automatic battle options.
  • Build your city your way on your terms.
  • Random general card draw system ensures that each player has a unique experience.
  • 5 different general combat systems with special attack abilities.
  • No two battles will be fought the same way.
  • PvE and PvP battles and challenges to enjoy, also solo campaigns to change each player
  • Each general is unique and can be upgraded to unlock further enhancements.
  • Different battle fields give different challenges to test even the best war sim players
  • Private, guild, world and event chat modes so players can communicate and share the fun
  • Artifacts to unlock the true power of your generals
  • Use Lieutenants to empower your generals with more skills and abilities.

For more information on Elysian War, or to play, check out the following sites:

Game Provider Page: http://www.amzgame.com

Official Game Page: http://ew.amzgame.com

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ElysianWar/

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