ESPN is Launching an Esports Series Featuring Apex Legends

US sports broadcaster ESPN recently announced a notable expansion to the company’s efforts in broadcasting esports. Namely, together with the help of EA, the company will soon be launching a new esports event series called ‘EXP.’ Broadcast online, this series is scheduled to begin in mid-July. Its first event will be an professional Apex Legends exhibition, followed by an invitational tournament in August.

ESPN’s EXP Esports Series and Apex Legends

ESPN’s EXP event series will be a notable step up in esports broadcasting from the company. While the primary live broadcasts will only be online, highlights from the events will feature on ESPN later on, as well as other channels operated by ABC. Despite the recent announcement, EXP is due to start very soon. The first event, the EXP Pro-Am Apex Legends Exhibition, is due to begin in early-to-mid-July and will be an exhibition of Apex Legends pro players rather than a tournament. There will be a tournament, of course, but that’s due to take place from the 1st to the 4th of August. This will be the EXP Invitational – Apex Legends at X Games Minneapolis. As the name suggests, the tourney will be held at the X Games Minneapolis event.

Apex Legends ESPN EXP Event Series 2

ESPN has, of course, hosted esports events in the past. However, this will be a step up in scale from its previous endeavours. Additionally, it is likely to be a major event for Apex Legends, which has grown a burgeoning esports audience since its February launch. The most likely reason why Apex was chosen as the first featured game is that EXP is being developed in partnership with EA. No doubt the publisher wanted their battle royale title put front and centre, especially given the game’s declining sales performance.

With more emphasis coming to Apex Legends as an esports title, balance will become ever more important. Indeed, players ought to keep one eye on an Apex Legends stat tracker, in order to stay current following each patch and so forth! Certainly, anybody looking to compete professionally in Apex Legends needs to be aware of the minute details in balancing between characters.

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