When Exploring an Abandoned MMO Gets Creepy

Not long ago, while exploring an old, abandoned MMO, YouTuber “vinesauce” came across something a little unexpected and a lot unnerving.

The MMO Active Worlds was created in 1995 and has since been forgotten over time. However, upon playing, vinesauce discovered that he was not alone…

Another character, named Hitomi Fujiko, was also in the server. At first, vinesauce assumed that Hitomi was an NPC thanks to his repeating of dialogue. However, when the two lost souls struck up a conversation, Hitomi took a strange turn.

Hitomi described the loneliness of the world around him, the MMO world populated only by himself, and even pleaded with vinesauce to tell him if he existed or not.

Now, this isn’t the first example of creepy, inexplicable anomalies in video games.

There are many examples, particularly the Pokemon game in which Pokemon actually die, and the infamous Majora’s Mask save file haunted by the ghost of a boy named Ben. But those urban legends have been so over-repeated that we have to approach this abandoned MMO story with caution.

Still, vinesauce claims that nothing you are about to see was planned or scripted, and when gamers researched further after watching the video, they discovered a website under the character Hitomi’s name full of hidden messages.

Is Hitomi a real person trolling whomever wanders into the abandoned MMO he’s claimed? Is it an NPC that’s become sentient? It is all a hoax?

Watch the video below and let us know what you think.

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