Fallout & Skyrim Can’t Be Modded on PS4, But Farming Simulator 17 Can?

Mod support used to be exclusive to PC gaming, but recently mod support has made its way to consoles. And now one of the juggernauts of gaming are adding mod support to their new game.

Bethesda made a lot of people angry when they announced, after long discussions with Sony, that Fallout 4 and Skyrim would not be released with mod support on PS4, despite having told the public just weeks before that they would be. The studio quickly deflected the blame Sony’s way, as Xbox One will still offer mod support for the two massively popular Bethesda titles. What’s curious is that PlayStation 4 will be offering mod support for at least one game…

Farming Simulator announced yesterday that they will be offering mod support for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at launch.

Does this mean that the developer responsible for Farming Simulator 17 has more clout with Sony than Bethesda? They must. Why else would they secure a game with mod support when Bethesda can’t strike a similar deal almost a year after launch?

It seems like mod support for consoles is here to stay and who knows which franchise will be next to get it.

If anyone has any answers as to why Farming Simulator 17 can get away with mod support and Bethesda can’t, please explain it to us.

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