Famous Gamer Megan Fox Makes Her Video Game Debut

You may know Megan Fox as the star of Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but did you also know she’s a famous gamer? In the past she’s talked at length about her love for Halo and Mortal Kombat and now she’s finally lending her likeness for a video game.

Mobile and browser-based game developer Plarium announced today that they have partnered with Megan Fox for the studio’s free-toplay MMORPG Stormfall.

Fox plays the character Amelia Delthanis, the Captain of the High Council Guard. According to Stormfall‘s mythology, Delthanis is “fierce” and has a “strong-willed demeanor.” At a young age, she left her “highborn upbringing” and become a warrior.

Delthanis will be the player’s mentor and guide in Stormfall, providing instructions and an overview for the game. Her arrival in Stormfall, which has approximately 7.5 million registered users, marks just the start of a seris of updates. Soon they will add things like a new tutorial and a fully voice-acted campaign.

“To be honest, she’s kind of a badass,” Fox told GameSpot. “She’s rebellious, which I love, and has a dark sense of humor. In some ways, she’s like me because we’re both a little rebellious, except that she gets to wear a medieval fantasy warrior costume.”




“We are thrilled to have Megan become the new face for the Stormfallfranchise, one of our most beloved games since Stormfall: Age of War came out on social networks in 2011,” Plarium marketing VP Gabi Shalel said in a statement. “Megan’s experience in other blockbuster franchises and action films means that she will be a great addition to our game.”

Though she’s been vocal about her love for video games, Megan Fox says that Plarium was the first company to pitch her a role in a video game.

Get a first look at Megan Fox in Stormfall below.

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