Far Cry 5: Everything We Know So Far

Ubisoft’s most daring game yet.

We’ve only know about Far Cry 5 for a week, but already it promises to piss a lot of people off. It’s going where no game has gone before, at least in terms of its topic: religion has been represented many times before in video games, but not quite so satirically. Whether the developer admits to it or not, this is a stab at the far-right fanatics of North-West America and, great game or poor, Far Cry 5 could represent a shift in how video games deal with such major political topics – and what better time to do it. Here’s everything we know so far about Far Cry 5.

When does it release?

The trailer gives us a release date of February 27th, and will launch on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One – presumably Project Scorpio also – and PC, although Sony have an exclusivity deal meaning more content will be available on its system.

Where is it set?

Hope County, Montana will be the setting for the fifth instalment of the franchise. The mountainous backdrop looks stunning, while Hope County itself is a picturesque town of farmland, forests, and rivers. Buffalo and deer roam the lands, and the people play baseball, attend church, and drink at the local water holes. It certainly isn’t Spaghetti Western, it’s much closer to reality than that – that’s what could make Far Cry 5 the scariest in the series.

What’s the story?


Hope County has been taken over by a group of religious fanatics who go by the name Eden’s Gate. The cult is led by ‘The Father’, Joseph Seed, alongside his brothers Jacob and John, and half-sister Faith, collectively known as ‘The Heralds’. Joseph prophesises doomsday for Hope County, and isn’t letting anyone stopping him from carrying out his beliefs. That’s where you come in: a deputy sheriff sent to the doomed town with the mission of arresting Joseph – not without the help of the rebellion, though.

Who’s the Deputy Sheriff?

The protagonist is customisable. Not only does this mean that you can choose the character’s sex, but their race also. It’s not clear just how many variables there will be in the customisation – body shape and size, height, features etc – but it’s an exciting prospect for diversity in games nevertheless.

Who are the NPCs?

Mary May Fairgrave has lived in Hope County all of her life, and her family has run the local bar for as long as she can remember. At some point in the past, though, the cult turned up with the aim of ‘helping’ the town, an idea that her father, mother, and brother believed in. Now she alone runs the bar, and she’s ready to fight back for her family – molotovs and all.

Nick Rye is a pilot, following in the footsteps of his grandfather and father who fought in both world wars. This time around it’s his time to fight for his young son’s rights, and if the huge gun attached to his weapon shows anything, it’s that he means business.

Pastor Jerome Jeffries is a gun-wielding man of God. While others pray from their bible the Pastor takes a handgun out of his. With a shotgun around his shoulder he’s ready to take part in the resistance against another who believes himself to be a man of the cloth.

What’s the gameplay like?

The trailer doesn’t reveal anything about the gameplay, but there are still some things we know. Aerial travel will appear for the first time in the series’ history – apart from gliding, of course. This means you’ll be able to fly planes across Hope County, and hopefully into the distant mountains too. Trucks, sports cars, and tractors will also be useable vehicles, while pitchforks and picks will be available as weapons – no doubt a huge array of guns will be included as well. One really exciting feature is that dogs can be trained not just to attack and kill enemies, but also seize their weapons. Can’t be bothered to forage for more ammunition? Get your best friend to do it for you. Fishing can also be seen in the trailer, but no one’s mentioned whether or not this will be an option in-game.

Extra features?

Ubisoft has announced that the entire Far Cry 5 campaign can be playable in online co-op, meaning you can tag along with your friends throughout the whole blowing-up far-right cults-journey. It’s something that hasn’t been seen in most AAA games recently, with the exception perhaps of Borderlands. Nevertheless it’s something to look forward to. It’s also expected that a map editor will be available, the details of which aren’t known yet.

We’ll almost definitely be seeing more of Far Cry 5 at E3 later this week, so we’ll keep out eyes peeled and keep you updated.

Are you looking forward to Far Cry 5? Let us know in the comments section below.

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