Watch This New Final Fantasy 15 Gameplay Footage

Over the weekend, Square Enix released new Final Fantasy 15 footage and it shows off a different side to the J-RPG adventure.

The footage, located at the bottom of the post (feel free to skip straight to it, I won’t mind), shows Final Fantasy 15’s best-friends-road-trip club in a military base riddled with enemy soldiers–as enemy bases are wont to do–and giant mechs that look suspiciously similar to Metal Gear Rex.

What we are shown in the new Final Fantasy 15 gameplay footage is the game’s emphasis on stealth play. The player uses cover to avoid detection, warping from one place to the other and eliminating enemies with sneak attacks.

Once the party is detected, the gameplay shifts from stealth to all out attack and we get to see Final Fantasy 15’s fluid, action-based combat full-frontal. Overall, the combat looks incredible. It is shaping up to be the perfect palette cleanser from Final Fantasy 14’s all too static action and a nice precursor to the Final Fantasy VII remake, which looks like it features more or less the same combat system.

Watch Final Fantasy 15’s heroes storm Niflheim Base and get excited for innovative new action-RPG combat in the gameplay video below.

At the time we are writing this, Square Enix still has not announced a release date for the game. Rumour has it that the company will announce a release date for Final Fantasy 15 on 30th March. Fingers crossed that they stay on schedule. And if it doesn’t, why not revisit Final Fantasy IX on your mobile device?

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