Fire Emblem Fates Controversial Scenes Removed For Western Release

Nintendo’s tactical RPG Fire Emblem Fates has some controversial moments in the Japanese version that will be omitted upon its Western release, Nintendo confirmed.

Nintendo of America said in a statement that the changes were made in order to localize the game appropriately for North America. The scenes removed from Fire Emblem Fates’s Western release featured the suggested drugging of a female party member to complete a gay conversion.

The statement Polygon received from Nintendo reads as follows:

In the version of the game that ships in the U.S. and Europe, there is no expression which might be considered as gay conversion or drugging that occurs between characters.

Making changes is not unusual when we localize games, and we have indeed made changes in these games. When we localize a game we do so in order to make it appropriate for that particular territory. All our choices were made from that point of view.

In the Conquest edition a male main character created by the gamer can pair up with another male character (Niles) which ultimately leads to marriage. Similarly, in the Birthright edition, a female main character created by the gamer can pair up with and eventually marry another female character (Rhajat). Like married couples of the opposite gender, these same-sex couples enjoy the stat boosts that come with marriage, which means when they are paired up in battle they are stronger than when they are apart or paired up with another character.

In the third edition, Revelation, that will be released as DLC in the eShop on March 10, a same-sex marriage is possible regardless of the sex of your main character, as both Niles and Rhajat can be encountered in this edition.

In the original release, players can trigger an event with a certain party member–Soleil–in which the male player character admits to adding a “magic powder” in her drink. While that in of itself is date-rapey, the magic powder causes the teammate to see people as the opposite gender. This is done to help a female teammate with her obsession with attractive girls, whom she is distracted by on the battlefield. Some players have interpreted the scene to be an attempt to “cure her lesbianism”.

Since the scene won’t be in the Western release, you can decide for yourself whether or not the scene is inappropriate and warrants removal with the fan translation video below. It really starts around 13 minutes in.

What do you think? Is this scene inappropriate?

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