4 Free Games Hardcore Gamers Will Love

How can you spot a hardcore gamer? I can generally identify a real hardcore gaming by their scoff. And by that, I mean, whenever you are near someone you may suspect is a hardcore gamer, you simply say, “I was playing this free game…” and as soon as this statement slips past your lips, if they are a hardcore gamer, they will scoff at you.

By in large, hardcore gamers look down on those of us who love to play free games, as if there is something dishonourable about enjoying games that didn’t shake me down for 60+ dollars. Well, today we would like to enlighten those so-called hardcore gamers that look down on free games by sharing with you 4 free games hardcore gamers will love.

Keep reading to be shown the light of free games, hardcore gamers.


Stormfall: Age of War

In Stormfall: Age of War, the lands of Darkshine are in turmoil. Rival Lords battle over the remains of the once-great Stormfall Empire. Players must unite the empire and deliver the people of Darkshine from the rising tide of an ancient evil by expanding their castles, discovering the mysteries of the Lost Arts and building an army the world has not seen since the days of old.

Excelling in Stormfall: Age of War isn’t easy. Players need to master strategy, diplomacy, logistics and warfare if they wish to be successful. That may sound easy on paper, but I guarantee that even the most hardcore gamers will be challenged by juggling all these irons in a single fire. If you dare, try the game for free now.



Forge of Empires

The Civilization series is a favourite among all gamers, hardcore and casual, but how good are your city building and strategy game skills when you have to factor in cool down times? Because Forge of Empires is a free-to-play game, there are restrictions on how much can be completing in a single sitting before you have to consider investing real-world money into your campaign. Hardcore gamers may be put-off by the pay model, but it really ups the gameplay ante. If you think you can handle it, try Forge of Empires for free right now.

PLAY Forge of Empires FOR FREE!



You may think you are a master of real-time strategy games, but that’s only because you haven’t had to deal with Elvenar‘s culture system while upgrading and expanding your kingdom. Worrying about townspeople morale adds a fun, extra challenge to this beautiful free RTS game. Try it now for free!



Tribal Wars 2

The Tribal Wars 2 community won’t care how hardcore you’ve gamed in the past, if you can’t play nice and navigate the rocky waters of diplomacy, you and your RTS game tricks won’t get far. Just because you’ve outwitted computers does not mean that you will be able to pull a fast one on the cult-gamers that love Tribal Wars 2. If you are up to the challenge, try it free now.

PLAY Tribal Wars 2 FOR FREE!

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