Did This Free-To-Play Marvel Game Steal From Street Fighter?

The Street Fighter franchise has been around so long that nearly every fighting game that has proceeded the original game’s release in 1987 has drawn inspiration from it. How could they not? However, free-to-play Marvel game Marvel: Contest of Champions may have overindulged its impulse to pay tribute to Street Fighter by plagiarizing whole animations.

The first instance of the free-to-play Marvel game stealing from Street Fighter comes from Spider-Man’s “Flurry of Blows” attack. When triggered, Spider-Man kicks his opponent multiple times before launching them into the air with a final attack. The resemblance to Chun-Li’s new Critical Art attack is so uncanny that it cannot simply be coincidence.

Twitter user Lythero made a comparison GIF to show just how similar the moves are. Check it out below.

Well that’s awfully damning.

It could very well be an homage to Chun-Li as both characters have appeared side-by-side in Marvel vs. Capcom games. Unfortunately, it is hard to make the homage argument when players of the free-to-play Marvel game have found another attack in the game that seems to be swiped straight from Street Fighter.

Luke Cage’s special attack “Sweet Christmas” shares more than a few similarities with Cody’s “Final Destruction” Ultra Combo. The only real difference is that Luke Cage doesn’t conjure a tornado at the end of the attack because that would not be canon.

Below is Luke Cage’s “Sweet Christmas” attack as it appears in Marvel: Contest of Champions.

luke cage sweet christmas

Now compare that to Cody’s attack in Street Fighter.

What do you think about these allegations?

Could this all be coincidence?

Could Capcom be in on this?

Did Marvel cross the homage-line into plagiarism territory?

Please let us know what you think in the comments or on Facebook.

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