Genius Turns Old Burger King Toy Into Working Game Boy Color

In 2000, Burger King released these cute little plastic Game Boy Color toys with analog games built-in. Today, some genius has taken on of those toys, crammed a Raspberry Pi Zero into it and turned it into a working Game Boy Color (and more) emulator.

Redditor ChaseLambeth had been working on a similar project for months when he came across an Instagram user who had managed to get three of the units up and running and was willing to sell one for $250.

The unit uses a two inch LCD screen and an emulator called RetroPie. Technically it can run games other than Game Boy Color (and Game Boy Advance) titles, but it just wouldn’t right to branch out beyond Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance titles. The buttons work. The sound works. Plus it’s the cutest little handheld imaginable!

Take a closer look at the ingenuity below.

BurgerKing Toy + Raspberry Pi Zero = Gameboy Color Nano

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