Get a First Look at Pokémon GO

A fan has uploaded footage from the Pokémon GO beta test, giving the best look at the upcoming augmented reality game yet.

The footage was posted on YouTube by GAME Previews (watch it soon in case someone takes it down). We get to see all the big features like character creation, menus, battles and the all important wild Pokémon encounters.

Granted, this is a beta, so despite what you are about to see, you have to give it the benefit of the doubt.

Now, footage from the game might not be the best representation of the game itself. In the same way that footage from VR games tend to be an underwhelming representation of the game–except VR horror games–since it is augmented reality. It’s not exactly clear from this video how the game will translate from mobile phones to the real world.

What do you think of this preview? Are you excited for the game or underwhelmed?

Pokemon GO is expected to launch in full later this year. The beta test started out in Japan before being extended to Australia and New Zealand.

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