Grand Theft Auto 5 Single Player DLC Teased on Instagram

Shawn Fonteno, the actor who portrayed Franklin in Grand Theft Auto 5, has Grand Theft Auto fans going absolutely bananas today by posting a picture of himself wearing a motion capture suit at GTA’s developer Rockstar’s offices.

Grand Theft Auto 5 single player DLC has yet to be released, even though the game will celebrate its third anniversary this fall.

Rockstar originally said it was working on “some very exciting” extra story additions that were scheduled to launch before the end of 2014. However, nothing was released. In September 2015, Rockstar admitted that they were entirely focused on supporting and expanding the successful and lucrative Grand Theft Auto Online. Thus, fans were left to wonder whether or not Grand Theft Auto 5 single player DLC was simply a pipe dream.

“We currently have all key members of the team that launched Grand Theft Auto 5 focused on supporting GTA Online in every capacity”. Grand Theft Auto Online was the single largest source of profit for Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two during its last financial quarter. Still, hopefuls for Grand Theft Auto single player DLC held onto Fonteno’s statement that he had worked on extra material back in 2014. At the time, Fonteno described the upcoming expansion as “real big.”

It could be that with GTA Online now established and all sorts of online extras launched, Rockstar finally has the resources and man-power to expand the single-player campaign. However, all we have to go on is Shawn Fonteno’s Instagram pic that features him in a motion capture suit at the Rockstar offices. We sincerely hope that this photo is current and not a leftover from 2014.

See the Grand Theft Auto 5 single player DLC tease via Shawn Fonteno’s Instagram below.

LOL ……

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Is anyone else worried by the “LOL” caption?

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