GTA 5 Mod Realizes Watch Dogs’ Full Potential

When Ubisoft unveiled the Watch Dogs trailer at 2012’s E3, we all revelled in the majesty of what would become one of the most misleading E3 trailers ever. We were presented a stealth, open-sandbox, hacking game where we could cause mayhem comparable to playing Just Cause 3 without pressing a button just by pressing a button. Instead, after numerous delays, we got a game with a contrived story and buggy mechanics that was unable to live up to the promise of the E3 trailer.

Now, a year and half after its release, Watch Dogs has finally realized its full potential. How? By becoming a GTA 5 mod.

GTA 5 mod-maker JulioNIB engineered a script that inserts Watch Dogs’ hacking mechanics into GTA V, allowing players to blow up anything they want at will (including helicopters), make cars accelerate into each other, make ATMs fire free money and derail trains. In other words, it’s really, really pleasant. You can download it here. But first, see what this new GTA 5 mod has to offer in the video below.

While our favourite GTA 5 mod is still the one that makes GTA 5’s graphics photo-realistic, one can’t underestimate the fun that can be had with these new hacking mechanics. Not only does it inspire new ways of creating havoc in San Andreas, but it sort of redeems Watch Dogs’ legacy in the process.

If you were let down by Watch Dogs like so many of us were, try this GTA 5 mod today and taste the sweet nectar of hacking fun redeemed.

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