GTA 5 Story DLC Teased By Voiced Actor…Again…

The long-awaited GTA 5 story DLC might be coming soon if one of the franchise’s most iconic voice actors is to be trusted.

For months, people have speculated that Rockstar will be unveiling GTA 5 story DLC, however, the only GTA 5 DLC that’s been released or even mentioned in an official capacity has been for GTA Online.

In spite of the focus on GTA Online DLC, Young Malay – whom you may remember voiced Carl Johnson (aka CJ) in GTA: San Andreas – has potentially leaked his character’s return to the game via his Instagram account. Check it out:

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 1.27.58 PM

Yep. That’s (the voice actors who played) CJ and Franklin side-by-side.

Not long ago, Shawn Fonteno–who voiced Franklin Clinton in GTA V–was teasing doing more work for Rockstar. Now Malay has joined him in teasing, playing games with the hearts of fans worldwide.

However, this is not the original post above. The original post contained the word “DLC”, but he later deleted and re-posted a version without the word “DLC,” a move which naturally sparked rumours as to whether Rockstar forced Malay to remove it.

As we noted, this is not the first time that an actor has teased a story mode DLC though, with Fonteno chipping in with a few teasers last year.

Many fans of the game series have long debated whether or not there is a connection between both Franklin and CJ, and the resurfacing of these rumours will presumably fuel that argument further. If the DLC was released it could bring together a backstory involving both of the characters, which could prove to be another interesting dynamic for the characters going forward – in terms of future GTA titles.

It has been suggested that GTA V will not receive downloadable content for story mode while their online game mode is making so much money. Although, some would argue where there is smoke, there is usually fire – or so we hope so.

All we ask is that if CJ does eventually make his triumphant return, can he also bring jetpacks back?

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