Half-Life 3 Poster Spotted at Gamescom

Sensible gamers know deep down that Half-Life 3 will never be released, which only makes glimmers of hope like this one all the more painful.

A Half-Life 3 poster appeared at Gamescom today in Cologne, Germany in all its blazing orange and white glory, right next to big titles such as Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs 2 and EA’s Titanfall.

Take a look at the poster below.

via Eurogamer

The only trouble is that while the games it’s placed next to are very real, Half-Life 3 is not. If you look beyond the hallowed “Half-Life 3” text, you’ll notice that it’s been paid for by a media company that wanted to inject a little cheeky fun into the Gamescom proceedings. What the poster actually states – translated from German – is “Half-Life: 3 Editors who Played it Back Then.” Very funny.

The advertisement seems to have been paid for by spieletipps and GIGA games. They certainly know how to amp up gamers anticipations and fan-fueled expectations.

As far as anyone knows, Half-Life 3 is no closer to being completed. There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that Left for Dead 3 is actually Valve’s current top priority. But then again, who knows?

What do you think is more likely: Half-Life 3 gets released or hell freezes over.

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