Hearthstone’s Silliest Game Mechanics Spoofed to Perfection

Hearthstone is a great game, but it’s not without its faults. And nothing illustrates Hearthstone‘s silly game mechanics quite like this animation.

A match between Rexxar and Thrall should be intense on an open field with living, breathing creatures…unfortunately it wouldn’t translate because of the rules of the game.

Small things like the random animal generator having pretty much only Huffers, Thrall poking the ground before firing the catapult, doing melee attacks with the Eaglehorn bow and so on. If you play Hearthstone, you know that stuff like this happens all the time and watching this hilarious animation is the most amazing cathartic experience. Check it out below.

The clip was made by Wronchi, who is a well-known animator in the Dotacommunity, but his rapid-fire jokes work with Hearthstone as well.

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