Hearthstone Next Expansion Leaked

Knights Of The Frozen Throne

It’s starting to become a tradition. Hearthstone China may have yet again leaked the next expansion. The following image was posted on the official website and then quickly removed:

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The translation roughly says “Knights Of The Frozen Throne”. Fans surely will be happy as this is most likely the most popular story in the Warcraft universe. Hearthpwn made a very detailed list of the leaked details. 

We can see that every character has had their model turned into an undead. Should we expect some new undead mechanics? A new Death Knight Class? Will we finally see Arthas in the game?

Blizzard has already stated that they won’t release any more adventures. Hopefully, this new expansion will still have some kind adventure gameplay.

Stay tuned as we expect an official announcement from Blizzard very soon™!

Featured Image Credit: imgur.com

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