6 Heroes That Are Better As Villians

Some heroes just aren’t meant to be heroes. They may start with the best, albeit bland, intentions, but once they start their descent into darkness, that’s when they realize their full potential as characters. So without further ado, here are 6 heroes that are better as villains.

6. Gabriel Belmont

Overall, Castlevania’s Belmont clan is comprised of some very boring dudes. Their only purpose on Earth is to whip vampires, which is an important job and it’s fun to play as a Belmont but ultimately they’re not that interesting. Except for Gabriel Belmont.

As a hero, Gabriel Belmont was boring. His fall, however, is what made him interesting. He became Dracula, the biggest villain in the Castlevania franchise. The ability to change into mist or a bat to suck the blood of the innocent is so much cooler than being a holy man with a whip.

5. Kazuya Mishima

When Tekken first arrived on the scene, we all sighed when we saw Kazuya Mishima because he was just another Ryu clone. SNOOZE! But then we found out that Kazuya sold his soul to the Devil a long time ago to be strong enough to beat up his dad, who incidentally threw him off a cliff not once but TWICE!

Plus, when he came back from the dead, he returned embracing the Devil and his evil ways even more than before.

Without the sale of his soul, Kazuya would not be a memorable character at all.

4. Sarah Kerrigan

Sarah Kerrigan was already a badass when she was just a simply psychic-powered Terran soldier in Star Craft. But once she became infested, she evolved into one of the most interesting video game characters ever.

With the power of the Zerg at her disposal, we can never be quite sure what Sarah Kerrigan Queen of Blades is up to. All we know and need to know is that she’s probably the most powerful woman in the universe and that’s awesome.

3. Sephiroth

Way before the events of Final Fantasy VII, Sephiroth was technically a good guy. He worked alongside Zack and Aerith for Shinra and wasn’t yet trying to murder everyone on the planet with a giant meteor. And that was cool because a super soldier that carries a sword that big has to be cool. But his turn to the dark side allowed him to become one of the most beloved villains in video game history.

2. Wheatley

Portal‘s Wheatley goes from goofy good guy to the agent of bringing hell to your life once he’s corrupted by the same viruses that messed up Glados. Wheatley was a strong character before he became a villain, but once he made the jump, we can’t help but love this malevolently evil machine that’s marred by his own incompetence. Plus, Stephen Merchant’s voice acting is unparalleled.

1. Arthas Menethil

When you start Warcraft III, expectations for Arthas are reasonably low. Here’s this pretty, blond, hot-headed boy that wants to impress the Order…who cares? But as the game progresses, Arthas’s descent is very long and drawn out, giving players so much context for why he becomes the Lich King. The character development is thought out and feels justified rather than a cheap twist.

With every scene is his story, Arthas makes another mistake or compromise, thinking the entire time that he can save the world all by himself. And that’s why seeing him sit on his frozen throne with Frostmourne at the ready gives us shivers every time.


What are some of your favorite heroes that are way better as villains? Let us know in the comments!

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