Hideo Kojima’s World Tour Looks Like Fun

Since being freed from Konami-imposed purgatory, Hideo Kojima appears to be having the time of his life. Since launching Kojima Productions with Sony, Hideo Kojima has embarked on a development studio world tour with Sony’s Mark Cerny, PlayStation 4’s lead architect, in search of the hottest new technology (to incorporate in his new video game studio’s first release, we hope. Neither Cerny nor Kojima have made it clear why they have embarked on the world tour).

Take a look Kojima and Cerny hanging out by some surfboards:

From the stopover at the surf shop, the pair visited Sony’s Visual Arts Service Group, who were responsible for all the mo-cap for The Last of Us and The Order: 1886.

Take a look at Hideo Kojima playing with mo-cap technology below.

After playing with Sony’s mo-cap technology, Hideo Kojima stopped by the Bad Robot production offices to talk to J.J. Abrams! Photographic evidence of the encounter below.

Now, it’s obvious that the motion capture technology could be used for Hideo Kojima’s upcoming release. The purpose of meeting J.J. Abrams is less clear…

If Kojima did indeed meet J.J. Abrams to inform him about his new studio, that’s awfully cocky. Maybe they have mutual respect for each other? Both big movie-lovers, maybe they just wanted to talk about their favourite movies?

One thing’s for sure, I hope that while talking to J.J. Abrams, Kojima took some notes on how to tell a clear and concise story. J.J.’s understanding of storytelling and the importance of restraint is definitely a lesson Kojima could learn.

What do you think Hideo Kojima is cooking up for his first big release? Let us know your theories in the comments!

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