Hideo Kojima’s Bitter Breakup With Konami All Makes Sense Now

If there was one story that captivated the gaming world this year, it was Hideo Kojima’s mysterious, bitter breakup with Konami. Konami removed Hideo Kojima’s name from Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain at the last minute, cancelled his Silent Hills project, barred him from accepting his award and refused to acknowledge that he had left the company in any way shape or form. Meanwhile, all we could do was sit on the sidelines and wonder, “WHY?”

Well, with Hideo Kojima’s Konami contract officially expired, we now know what caused the rift between the long-time partners. Hideo Kojima is forming his own studio, Kojima Productions, with his old Konami staff and will begin work on a PlayStation 4 exclusive (with a PC release slated for later in the year.)

Watch the introduction of Kojima’s new studio below.

Again, it’s an independent studio but Sony is no doubt happy to be working with the former Konami superstar in any exclusive manner.

Check out the new logo for Kojima Productions below as well.

kojima productions logo

What will their first game? Konami still owns the IP to Metal Gear and Silent Hills, so it can’t be a new instalment of those series. What movies will he draw inspiration from? Please let us know what you’re hoping from Kojima’s new studio in the comments below.

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