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Is For Honor Already Dead In The Water?

It’s a great game, but players are aggravated on a massive scale

To be sure ‘For Honor’ is a pretty good game, most notably for its particularly innovative combat system. Granted, not every aspect of the games single and local player are perfect, but certainly, this is a game worth, at least, renting. However, this title has now become the poster child for a gaming experienced plagued by beyond piss poor online multiplayer issues as well as cheap exploitation of unresolved glitches.

Glitchy Servers

First, For Honor was already exhibiting multiplayer problems when gamers played in beta. Granted, this is something to be expected to some degree while a game is being tested prior to launch, but it seems like the game designers have done almost nothing to fix a crucial aspect to a modern game. Weeks after launch For Honor’s servers still remain erratic and unreliable with some players reporting that servers are extremely selective as to when they operate or simply won’t connect to for online multiplayer at all.

For Honor Glitchy Servers
For Honor plagued with server problems. Source:

Even just a casual survey of Down Detector or Is It Down Right Now will reveal that the number of inquiries and complaints about this games exhibiting server connections and log in issues just over the past few weeks is truly staggering.

Seriously, Ubisoft, it’s 2017. I am old enough to remember when Phantasy Star Online came out on Dreamcast sixteen years ago and that game still has active servers. A modern console game should not be experiencing these issues.

Unfortunately, the connectivity problems don’t end there either. To add another layer of bitter aggravation to frustration, even if you are able to get access to a server, connections may be incredibly laggy.

Massive Exploits

Beyond getting access to PvP play, For Honor has also been plagued by one of the worst forms of game exploitation. Specifically, Ubisoft has either warned or temporarily banned thousands of players for AFK farming.

For Honor AFK Farming
An Old trick used to AFK farm in games. For Honor players used a variation of this. Source:

For those who’re unaware of what this is, in order to collect end of game rewards without actually playing but still keep a character moving (and thus not be booted for inactivity) some players will use a shoe string, tape or rubber band to fix their joystick in a particular position to mimic player activity. (Old school Skyrim players may be familiar with this trick.) They can then ‘play’ AFK, or ‘away from keyboard’, for several rounds and continue to collect rewards, or farm, without any actual effort.

On top of that, this tactic also detracts from players who actually want to play the game. After all, as much fun as zombie slayer games are, who wants to rack up meager points while mindlessly slashing human opponents who run into walls like the support marines in the original Halo games. Especially when this game has one of the most involved and highly crafted melee combat systems ever.

So far, Ubisoft has reportedly put 1,500 players on three-day bans and issued about 4,000 warnings. On top of that, threats of perma-ban status has been openly discussed as well. I think that given how much potential had this game (particularly PvP) since the first launch trailer dropped, that this may be an extremely sad chapter in video game history.

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