What Every Video Game Consoles Would Cost Today

Video game consoles are big investments. We save up our money all year for the chance to pick up the latest video game consoles. And should you be so lucky to have been born by generous parents, they may get you one for Christmas and you can then experience pure bliss.

Facebook’s Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive and Sony’s PlayStation VR systems will soon be available for commercial consumption and already there’s been a ton of backlash that these new devices are too expensive. While it’s true that most consumers will have to buy a more powerful PC (or buy a PlayStation 4) to use these revolutionary new systems, the truth is…they aren’t in and of themselves wildly different in a price than the video game consoles of old.

Take a look at this graph that has adjusted the price of video game consoles throughout history to see that we’re really not getting as badly gouged by developers as we may have previously believed:

video game consoles prices

As the graph illustrates, some of the earliest consoles in the 1970s cost far more than today’s machines when adjusted for inflation. The widely forgotten system from 1990, the NEO GEO, was the most expensive console of the last 40 years. It would cost nearly $1,200 to buy one with 2016 dollars. Oculus’s and HTC’s devices are near the top of the list, and arguably could be the most expensive video game systems of all time, but only if you throw in the roughly $1,000 machine you’ll need to use them.

The best deal of the last 40 years was Nintendo’s GameCube. The Japanese games-maker’s consoles were consistently among the cheapest ever made. Even Nintendo’s first system, the Nintendo Entertainment System, cost less than the average inflation-adjust price of a console on the list, which was $518.

Which video game consoles have/had the most bang for your buck? Let us know in the comments!

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