How To Change Your Pokemon Go Team

Upon reaching level 5 in Pokemon GO, players must decide their team. Many players chose either team Valor, Instinct and Mystic without realizing that there might be legendary Pokemon implications down the line or without consulting with friends and family members, resulting in them being on different teams.

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t allow players to change their team once it has been picked. There are some cheats to make the swap, but all of them ends with losing your current game’s progress and stats. No thanks.

Thankfully, there have been people working around the clock to find a way to change their Pokemon GO teams and they have just reported a way to successful change your Pokemon GO and it’s as simple as contacting Niantic. HOWEVER, be warned, Niantic will only accept your request to change teams once and you can’t keep changing your allegiance as you please.

They do this to help players that chose a team by mistake. They will only accept your request if you are still at a low level and have not spent a lot of time with your chosen team.

To change your Pokemon GO team, all you have to do is visit this link. After clicking the link, you will be redirected to Niantic’s official website, where you’ll be given an option to change your team for another one of your choice via a support form. You’ll just need to provide some minimal details like your e-mail address, nickname, and OS version to complete this process.

Make sure to describe why you want to change your team in the ‘additional request tab,’ and if you’ve followed the steps above, you might be able to choose a new team, even after initially picking a different one. This process is tedious but worth the effort if you feel you’ve joined the wrong team. This might take a bit of time since many people are submitting requests. Let us know if you were able to successfully change your team using this method.

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