How To Get The Level 100 Boost in World of Warcraft: Legion

Like the game’s last expansion, World of Warcraft’s latest expansion Legion allows players to skip over the tedium of killing millions of low-level boars to accumulate experience points so that you and your friends Stan, Kyle and Kenny can take on an obnoxious griefer ruining the World of Warcraft experience for everyone. Oh wait. I’m thinking of that South Park episode, Make Love Not Warcraft.

Old South Park references aside, World of Warcraft’s upcoming Legion expansion will let players boost their characters up to level 100 with little to no effort. But what does it look like when a World of Warcraft character goes from 0 to 100? Well, we can almost guarantee that it will look nothing like the dramatization of the level 100 boost released on World of Warcraft’s official Youtube channel.

Watch this wildly inaccurate but still fun “how to get the level 100 boost in World of Warcraft: Legion” video below.

All I will say is if a helper-monkey steals my level 100 boost, there is going to be hell to pay.

If you’ve already pre-purchased the latest expansion, you should already have access to the level 100 boost (and additional boosts can be purchased from the in-game store, if you’re interested).

World of Warcraft: Legion is still listed for release in “2016”. We’re sorry that we can’t be more specific. If you want to know for sure when Legion will be released, we recommend hassling Blizzard via social media until they give us a firm date.

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