Is This 20,000 TrackMania Car Madness or an Acid Trip?

What would happen if over 20,000 video game cars drove on the same track? What would that look like?

Wonder no more because we have the answer thanks to The 20K Project! It looks like an acid trip! The 20K Project rendered the replays of 20,386 TrackMania cars, driven by 30 drivers, onto the TrackMania Stadium track and it is equal parts hypnotic and disturbing.

In the video, we see the cars flow across the track like an amorphous blob, ensnaring structures in its blobbiness as it spills out in every direction.

L4Bomb4 spent six months lifting replays from TrackMania United Forever and TrackMania Nations Forever and rendered them out onto the same track. In the video’s description, L4Bomb4 said the skins of the cars were lost while importing the replays into a newer version of TrackMania Stadium. While it would have been cool to see a fleet of all different cars spilling out onto the track, it actually worked out in their favour. L4Bomb4 was able to render up to 12,000 cars without the game crashing. For the remaining 8,000 cars, modder Danixks was drafted in to “blend” vehicles together.

The total estimated time of rendering was around 300 hours, while the video was edited together in about 120 hours. And while we admire the time and effort that went into this project, we are honestly not sure if we’re looking at a massive TrackMania logjam or an acid trip. Watch the video below and be the judge.

[h/t: PC Gamer]

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