If Anyone Can Get Star Wars Battlefront a Story Mode Made, It’s John Boyega

“With great power comes great responsibility” is a quote we typically only apply to all things Spiderman, but it could just as easily apply to Star Wars cast members. Starring in an acceptable entry (i.e. not one of the prequel movies) in one of cinema’s most beloved franchises bestows a tremendous amount of clout to those involved and thus a tremendous amount of responsibility. Luckily, Star Wars star John Boyega is using his great power for good as he has been outright asking EA for a story mode for Star Wars Battlefront. And EA have been answering.

Here’s what John Boyega wrote on Twitter:

And just to be clear, he’s asking for a Star Wars Battlefront story mode because he’s a fan of the games:

Okay, so he’s a fan and, like most of us, would have loved some story stuff in the game beyond the bot-tastic Mission bits just to make the game feel a little less empty. EA did mention those to Boyega who replied with this:

And because John Boyega will be a cornerstone of the Star Wars franchise for many years to come (we hope), this is what EA replied with:

Now, we must remember that a request for a story mode from someone as handsome and famous as John Boyega may not be enough to get EA to greenlight a very expensive and lengthy production of a single player campaign, but it will be interesting to see what happens if he does visit the publisher. Just don’t get your hopes up for a cameo in Battlefront as EA has categorically stated in the past the that the two film canons can never cross…even though they kind of already did with the Battle of Jakku…

Do you think John Boyega can get a Star Wars Battlefront story mode made?

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