Indie Dev Drops Nintendo NX Hints

The Nintendo NX is rumoured to be Nintendo’s next console and while it hasn’t even been officially announced, details have emerged from an indie developer talking about their upcoming game.

The details of the Nintendo NX came on Bernd Geiblinger’s Facebook Page about his new game Puzzle Box Setup. When asked about a Nintendo DS version of Puzzle Box Setup, he revealed:

Not possible cause this game is made for NX but modified to be released on Steam earlier cause sadly I’m not able to wait til NX and need to release this game soon. But the Steam-Version will see some Updates and grow, grow and grow AND you can create Levels to use in several modes and share them with NX players too!!

The mere fact that an independent developer is making a game for Nintendo NX more or less confirms its existence while also suggesting that it could be a lot closer to release than we think.

He went on to say:

The PC-Version will run on slower PCs too – I modified it that way. NX Version will be different in many kinds – and cause of the controls you will be able to use 8 different colors instead of 4 … which opens possibilities to completely different pictures and modes for NX Version.
Puzzle Box Setup was an game play experiment on Nintendo 3DS and it was a big success. It will grow with time and player input to become a great Puzzle Box

So while we speculate as to how the Nintendo NX will “surprise” and “change the video gaming life” of a new generation of gamers as recently deceased Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata vowed, we at least know that there are Nintendo NX development kits in the hands of independent game developers.

Why is this important? Because this means that the Nintendo NX could boast an impressive catalogue of games once it’s released.

Do you have any Nintendo NX information you think we need to know about? If so, please share it with us in the comments.

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