Is Your Video Game Collection a Gold Mine?

Gamers with shelves, boxes and stacks of old video games could be sitting on a gold mine provided they have the right cartridge and can find the right collector.

Yes, you could be stinking rich for hanging on to your old video games and not even realize it!

Thankfully, to help video game collectors determine whether or not they are sitting on a gold mine, online gaming company MrGamez recently had a look to see how much a few select video games from the 80’s & 90’s are worth now. And you’ll be surprised just how much these retro titles could net you. You can either have a go at guessing the values of the games yourself by taking their online quiz, but it’s really hard. When I took the quiz, I didn’t get a single price right. Bob Barker would be ashamed…

If you’d rather just know how what your video game collection could be worth, take a look at the infographic below. Fingers crossed that you’ve got at least one of these lying around.

Retro-Videogames-Thousands-Money-517711 Retro-Videogames-Thousands-Money-517712 Retro-Videogames-Thousands-Money-517713 Retro-Videogames-Thousands-Money-517714

It’s infographics like these that really make me regret selling my copy of my Mario Kart 64 cartridge at a yard sale for $2…

Big thanks to everyone at MrGamez for alerting us to the small fortunes we may have lying around our homes and organizing it in such an easy-to-digest manner.

Which classic video game’s value are you most surprised by? Let us know in the comments!

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